New, Used and Sold Gear

LowEnd 112, 212 and 312 cabinets

Had an amazing response to my new design LowEnd bass cabinets at NAMM.

RickoSound box

clean Rick O sound box

Aguilar 751 with rack

Like new 751 Aguilar with rack

New Demeter 800 Fliptop 15

Semesters own fliptop with 800 watts head so you can easily run an extension if ever needed.

SWR 210 JR ll

Swr Jr ll $275

LM Custom Straps

These LM straps are extremely nice with a nice mix selection of leather and comfort straps.

LowEnd Hand Tooled Leather straps - custom Tooling available

Custom Leather Hand Tooled Straps, Made in the USA.