New, Used and Sold Gear

SWR 10 speaker

This is an older, new 10 speaker

Kustom tucknroll 215 box 70's

Great condition 70's Kustom tucknroll cabinet with out speakers. This is a 215 box and solid.

Bass Pod Pro w/pedal

Bass Pod Pro with unused Pedal board and all cables.

Hartke HD 410

Hartke HD410 hybrid aluminum/paper driver cab. 1000w @8Ohms.

Rolex Thunderbird datejust

Beautiful Vintage Rolex Thunderbird Datejust
2tone 14k
Works perfectly

Model: Thunderbird
VHT Pitt Bull Classic Tube Guitar Amp

original tubes still in it. Siemans German Military grade
100th all hand made in 1992