New, Used and Sold Gear

Bass Pod Pro w/pedal

Bass Pod Pro with unused Pedal board and all cables.

Hartke HD 410

Hartke HD410 hybrid aluminum/paper driver cab. 1000w @8Ohms.

Rolex Thunderbird datejust

Beautiful Vintage Rolex Thunderbird Datejust
2tone 14k
Works perfectly

Model: Thunderbird
VHT Pitt Bull Classic Tube Guitar Amp

original tubes still in it. Siemans German Military grade
100th all hand made in 1992

VBoutique cabs And pedal boards

Bass and Guitar Speaker Cabinets and Pedals boards

LowEnd Bass Pre - Ybox - booty in a box

Setup as a Y box with a pass through and preamp option for hooking up two basses

Fender bassman 100 amp with cab

Super cool 60s bassman 100 with 215 loaded with eminence speakers.

Model: Bassman 100