- Intransit Basses 3/30

.In Coming Basses Available
- I have 4 Dingwall NG3's coming - Laguna Blue and Purple Mopar LTD
- Divinity Guitar Works by Benavente Guitars. This is a new creations from Chris’s “you dream it, he will build it line “


Want to Buy Used Basses ........ NEED BASSES

- Moollon Basses

- Alembic Series I and II's as well as other neck-through upper end models

- Carl Thompson basses

- Pedulla neck-through MVP, Buzz and thunderbass

- Curbow USA rockwood neck basses

-Sadowsky NYC basses

- Alleva-Coppola Basses

-Celinder P and J basses

- Ken Smith basses

- Wal Basses

- late 80's, early 90's Warwick Dolphin, Thumb, Streamers

- Tobias's Pre-Gibson

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