The LowEnd’s intention is to help individuals on a one on one basis create a custom system and/or bass to meet their expectation. The LowEnd is not a retail pusher of every bass brand under the sun, but a high-end advisor in establishing the tone that you are in search of. If you are tired of spending thousands of dollars looking for the perfect combination of basses, cabinets, preamps, heads and amps, then search no more. I offer many advantages and my promise is to put you first and be unbiased in delivering you the instrument and system to fit your needs and desired tone.


Our consignment policy is real easy!

The LowEnd Consignment percentage is based on a 15% fee, which is one of the lowest rates out there. We do Negotiate with buyers unlike most Stores with consignments. The Important number I need to know is the Net amount you wish to receive so I can price accordingly and make a deal. I’m not a stickler on my rate and try to turn over Inventory. Most consignments will attend Guitar shows if you choose in the Central – East Coast as well as the Website which reach’s consumers Nationally and Internationally as well as Local consumer’s to Nashville and surrounding areas.


A fair market value trade-in price will be assessed for your bass, but there might be an instances where an instrument may be too hard to sell in the given market. Two things I look at when excepting trade-ins, what the instrument is currently selling for on the market, and how quickly I feel the instrument will sell. There is a general range with any instrument from low market value to high market value. I base the trade in on the Low Market value, not hundreds of dollars below that like others.


When Purchasing from the LowEnd you are given 48 hours trial period from receipt of the Bass. If the bass is not up to your standards you may return it, with a 1% restocking fee. Shipping to and from the LowEnd is at the customer’s expense on returned items.

Custom Orders on New products maybe be returned and resold as New for a Full Refund, but will only be issued once the Custom ordered product is resold. Since Custom orders may be something special it is not for us to assume the cost of the Custom order.

All NEW products come with full manufacturer warrantee.