1981 Fodera Monarch Prototype #019

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** right now it’s for Show! I have owned this for a little over a year and love it. But in the last few months I’ve bought a couple other pieces that mean more to me….. so I’m showing this and considering letting it go.

In all fairness I do have a buyer when I’m ready to let it go.

Fodera Prototype #19
mahogany body wings
maple core
5 pc maple neck Dovetail
original EMG pickups : preamp removed long ago
* note lower bout is Ken Smith, Upper bout Monarch !

Story as I know it of the Fodera Monarch 4 string Prototype 019

1981 Vinny Fodera gave this to Peter Baltes of ACCEPT, while standing in his Garage in NY and asked him to play it. It has been on tours around the world as well as MTV. Peter Owned it up until I Purchased it last year.

*On tour at some point the body was cracked and repaired, it’s not a good repair but solid and has never moved, it was on tour and at that point no one cared.

2 years ago it went back to Fodera and they took photos, defrett/Level/refrett, PLEK, touched up and cleaned. Made Sure no issue and Structurally sound. You can find it on Fodera Website now.