22 Alembic Series II Black!

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Added photos from Alembic during build and added history from original owner whom would like to keep track of it if the buyer allows.

Amazing, one of the best sounding !

2022 Alembic Series II
4 string

List price is $35k

“ Hi there, Nice Series II Spoiler!

You have it listed as ’22. but it was finished in ’23 ;-)
I placed the order in August 2019 and got the word it was finished around the time mentioned in the build sheet.
Too bad I had to sell it, Covid drained my budget and waiting for these basses (also ordered a 5 string Europa) took about 3 years longer than first quoted.

Could you take a picture of the inside of the controls cavity cover? There should be a message from me in there :-)
And I would love to keep track of this bass, would be great if you could ask the buyer if that’s ok with her/him.
Meanwhile I’m going to do my best to become that buyer 🙂

For marketing purposes:
You might want to mention the Jason Newsted connection, this one is very close to one of the “Spoilers” (converted Persuader) he used in the early 90’s.
There are not many of these, I know of only 3 (of which 2 are Newsteds)
It has the Zebrawood laminate on the back of the headstock (one of Newsteds was a Zebrawood topped Persuader) and it has the knob layout Newsted had on all his Series II basses.
The logo is also extremely special with the Silver lined rays, IIrc about $2000 option.
Initially it would get the inlaid logo, but since I wanted the script under the logo Susan told me they can only do that with a surface mounted logo. Nevertheless, looks extremely neat! “