LowEnd 112 Bass Cabinet, LilChub

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LowEnd 112 Bass Cabinet, LilChub

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500 watts, single 12 inch bass cabinet.
I had an amazing response to my new design LowEnd bass cabinets at NAMM.

Many great cabinets out on the market today,
but the ability to get a more traditional sounding cab and
modern in one box has fallen short of being offered.

So I decided to design a 212 box that ran full range with out a crossover separating frequency’s to drivers.
Then added a soft dome tweeter with a hi-pass filter and an on/off switch.
This allows the 12s to pass the full range frequency they produce with out a crossover like most to bleed off frequency’s.
So for a more traditional vintage sound just bypass the soft dome and when you want a little more edge and clarity flip it on.
Using the soft dome verse a horn allows for a smoother and cleaner high end and not harshness.