True-Voice Tube Preamp Is BACK!!!! ONE Left Of This Design

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Only one left in this old box design

Yes, for those that are familiar with the TV preamp and for those that have asked for years for me to bring it back…… IT HERE!!!

This is the First of the New TV, still with the original mind set of the TV and built in the USA point to point utilizing the 6SN7 or 6SL7 tube for huge Tube warmth!!!

I have 5 of these old original cases left…. the first 5 will be a limited Edition of the RI TV before the New boxes come out.

The are setup
back; unbalanced DI and ground lift, 1/4 out and power switch
top; Tube, Mute switch, Bright switch and Deep Switch
Front; 1/4 input, Volume, highpass Tone filter, blue LED/On light

Balanced DI $699

*A balanced DI option is to come.

The design behind the LowEnd True-Voice preamp was to allow your instrument’s voice to speak with out added eq. Preamps today color the signal as soon as it enters the unit. Even when a preamp is set flat, you never hear your true instruments voice. I have heard over the years players talk about the live signal to the soundboard when recording sounded so good and how they wish they could achieve it live. After years of not using preamps at The LowEnd bass shop and running guys straight into power amps and then into wonderful bass cabinets we have always offered. Many guys would find out that the bass they had not been happy with, wasn’t the bass at all. But the rack or cab setup. For years I’ve stripped down everything as far as I can so that the customer can have a foundation to build on with his/her bass and knowing its True-Voice with out being forced into a particular brand of cabinet and head combo.