USA Custom Guitars Jack Bruce Fool Bass VI Replica Clone 2008 Psychedelic Left Handed

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LEFT-HANDED replica of Jack Bruce’s Cream-era Bass VI, as psychedelically painted by The Fool. This is a Bass VI clone, with body and neck made by USA Custom Guitars, and Lollar pickups. Robert “Moondog” Parsons recreated the artwork–a hand-painted effort with astonishing detail and accuracy. I’ve seen (and photographed) the original instrument for this project, and Moondog nailed it.
As a musical instrument, it plays brilliantly (USA Custom Guitar necks are fantastic), and it sounds as you expect a Bass VI to sound. I have very rarely used it, and only take it out of its case a few times a year to remind myself how cool it is!
I’m the original owner: I commissioned the body, neck, artwork, and professional assembly by Philtone Guitars in Baltimore. I’ve owned it for ten years, and my music and collecting priorities have changed, so it could be your turn to enjoy it.
It comes with a Fender case, two extra sets of strings, and a cheap nylon rainbow-colored strap (to continue the psychedelic vibe).
If you’ve always wanted a replica of this instrument but were sticker-shocked away by the cost of a lefty Fender VI ($5K from the Custom Shop, last time I looked) and then the cost of recreating the artwork, this is exactly what you’ve been hoping for.
The replica of the Fool SG that you see in a couple of the photos was sold in another sale.
Please feel free to ask questions!
Radius: 12″
Action: 4.64 mm at the 12th fret
Frets: I don’t remember the gauge, but they are about 2.01 mm wide and 1.33 mm tall. Not jumbos at all.
Current strings: I’ve forgotten, but probably Fender Bass VI, .95-.26. The two sets of spare strings are a LaBella set and a Fender set.
The instrument was PLEKed during assembly.
Bone nut.
Klu on Deluxe tuners.
I got all the hardware from a luthier in France. I can only remember his first name (Chris) and cannot find him doing a Google search. He was building really nice Fender Bass VI clones a decade ago and was having his own hardware made; he was the only source for lefty hardware I could find. Nothing available from Fender at all back then.
The pickups are not standard Strat. They were custom made for this instrument.
The summary on this: I had everything built by the best craftsmen and with the best parts available at the time, and they are all probably still the best available. No short cuts, no “good-enough,” no jerry-rigging.