LowEnd (LEJ) Basses

The LowEnd (LEJ) Difference!!

Because my loyalty lies with players and their support, I’m approaching the industry from a different direction in promoting LowEnd basses. I build LowEnd basses out of my passion for creating an instrument no one else builds. Not just a drive to build a better copy of something already done.

The body design is similar and recognizable. The difference however lies in the little details: quality construction, quality materials, quality components, and experienced attentive assembly. Together this results in superior playability and tone.

LowEnd basses have My Designed B-type Neck option now standard mid 2016; have titanium reinforcement inlays, and dual action truss rod. The result is stable and fluid playability, mated with meticulous fretwork. The neck will accommodate whatever the player prefers; ultra low action, or room to dig in. For the traveling player the neck design will prove rigid and consistent through climate changes. Extremely reliable, is how a traveling player will describe their LowEnd basses.

Often the player has to satisfy not only the musical requirements of a job, but also meet the unspoken expectations of an artist or producer and what they believe the “look” of a quality instrument is. The familiar body style accommodates these expectations, while giving the player boutique playability, and flexible tone.

The LowEnd Preamp, which I build in the shop, is different than any other available on the market and I am the first to Bring a 2 band to 3 band Eq option to the market in one bass with a flip of a switch! The LowEnd Pickups are also unique to my basses, and are not available to any other builder. I have spent over 20 years selling high end instruments. I’ve played and heard them all. I believe that theres not another Pickup/Preamp system that accurately articulates the true sound of the wood, and the approach of the player, as mine does. I build an 18v circuit, which puts flexibility and headroom under the players hands and lets them deliver in any musical situation.

So what is the goal of my LowEnd bass line? The players, and what they need in order to do the job to the best of their ability. I want to remove the instrument as a barrier, and allow their creativity to flow freely so they can concentrate on speaking musically rather than battling an instrument.

I choose to handle all LowEnd Orders direct with the player, my desire is to support the player; whether a pro, a weekend warrior, or a hobbyist. As a LowEnd player, I consider everyone who plays my instruments to be an endorsee!

As a LowEnd player, you have the right to sell LowEnd basses and earn a commission of 10% on each bass sold